Saturday, December 22, 2012

School on Saturday and Christmas on Tuesday

I feel I haven't updated my blog in forever and it's been four weeks.  Well, everyone on campus has been busy including myself with the last round of midterms going around and final projects are coming due.  Then we had two make-up days in the past three weeks.  We missed two days of school for "unplanned" holidays.  Once in November, was because the hijra holiday was started a day earlier due to the lunar cycle.  But for some reason AUS forgot that National Day celebrations are held the 2nd and the 3rd of December, so we got another make-up day.  Now when to make-up the days?  They can't be tacked onto the end of the semester, so two Saturdays (today and the 8th) students had class.  So this weekend I go to classes on Saturday and Sunday, short weekend.  But the bright side is Christmas is just around the corner.

At AUS we do get Christmas Day off from school which is nice.  Our IXO Christmas party is planned for tomorrow where everyone will be bringing a dish, potluck style.  Deciding what to take was a process.  I was going to make homemade chex mix, because that's always something done in our house for the holidays, but I couldn't find chex cereal or any good cereal substitute.  So then I went on the hunt for crescent rolls, to try and make the Pampered chef turkey, cranberry wreath, but when I did finally find them they were way more than I really wanted to pay.  So homemade Mac'N' Cheese it is.  It's simple recipe, but it always does well at potlucks.  :) 

With Christmas here its only a hop skip and jump until the end of the semester.  26 days until I leave and most of the exchange students are leaving five days before me on the 13th.  Now's the time to finish any sight seeing and with exams and papers, I just don't know if I'll make it to Abu Dhabi before the end of the semester, but how knows, I might have a little bit of time during finals week to take a day trip and break from studying.