Sunday, September 9, 2012

To Blog or Not to Blog

     Originally when I decided to go abroad, I didn't want to keep a blog.  I thought who would want to read about the American University at Sharjah, its a fairly new program through CIEE and I just found out that it is continually constructing new relationships with other universities, such as University of Victoria in Canada.  And then I started to meet the other exchange students here, not to mention all the first years I met earlier this morning at orientation.  I've met so many people and done so much already while here, that this experience is definitely one to write home about. 

     Also I remember when I was searching for information and tips about this program, I felt I came up very short on information about this University and the area, other than the bit of information on the CIEE program website.  The best book I found was titled Culture Shock: The UAE, which gave some really good information about the culture here in the Emirates versus American/Western culture.  Yet it was published in 1996.  There was a lot of information about Dubai which is near Sharjah, but much of the information I found discussed the shopping malls and all the grand sightseeing highlights. 

      Maybe I was looking in the wrong places for information or typing the wrong search words into Google, but here is my inspiration to keep this blog.  I want to give other students at my home college in Wellesley or elsewhere more information when they consider studying abroad, especially here in the Emirates which I've found fantastic so far. 

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