Sunday, October 14, 2012

Shopping-Dubai Mall

One of the first things to be thought of in Dubai is the shopping.  From the modern malls to the old timey souqs.  Last Thursday me and a couple of friends finally made it out to Dubai Mall, the biggest mall in the world.  It was lots of fun, just walking around and around and around.

The mall was structured like a layer cake.  Here are the furniture stores, baby clothes and other accessories stores, or jewelry stores with restaurants and cafes sprinkled throughout.  It was overwhelming within the first few minutes, but once you walk a bit and can visualize the basic layout of the mall, it's not too bad.  You tend to use landmarks such as the game corner, the movie theater, or the indoor aquarium.

Or you could always use the ice rink as a landmark.  We were considering going, but none of us had appropriate clothing to be fooling around on the ice.  It looks like fun.   We'll definitely have to go skating, maybe sometime after midterms :).

Here is the Burj Khaleefa, tallest building, all lite up for the night.  We went outside to watch the short water fountain show and saw the tower right there next to the mall.  The water fountain show is one of the attractions to the mall, so it was pretty crowded and I wasn't able to get a good picture, but the fountains were nice, not anything spectacular.

So the picture above and below is of an Arabic ice cream store.  At this point in time I was tempted to get some dessert, but we'd just eaten at Chili's (I know, go to an another country, but get food from a known restaurant) so  I was just too full to consider it.  It was interesting, they were making some ice cream when we walked by.  My friend was explaining that Arabic ice cream has a almost gummy component to it, hence the large pestle and mortar.  The person on the right was tapping the ice cream scoops in time to the pounding of his friend.

So this was a sum-up of the mall of Dubai, but there was still a lot more to cover.  It was interesting to see brands I recognized from home, next to stores that Michelle(she's from Australia) recognized as being from Australia, and still other stores we didn't know but our third friend Danna(who's family lives in Abu Dhabi) recognized.  It truly was a mix of international cultures.  Now I just get to the mall of the emirates to compare.

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