Friday, January 11, 2013

Desert Safari

Finally after months of being in the UAE, I've went on a desert safari.  It may seem the designated tourist stop, but my roommate mentions that non-tourists also go on safari every now and then.  We went dune bashing which is fun.  It involves driving around up and down the sand dunes and you can feel the car as it slides in the sand.  I loved it.  Then we got to the campsite and I got to ride a camel!  Sorry, but that's one of those I wanted to do before I left.  Desert and camels go together in my mind, just like parrots and the rainforest. 

We also got henna designs on our hands.  Which I think is cool and then there was dinner, a tanoura dancer(Danna called him a pancake dancer, because he twirled around and around and his skirt flew up to look like a flat pancake.) and then a belly dancer at the end.  We joked about dinner as it included not only kabob meat and biryani, but also potatoe salad and spaghetti.  :)

I am now ready to leave on Thursday.


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